Mini Press Tray starts at $35

Each catering tray has 12 HALF sandwiches; individually wrapped. May order multiple trays; one type of sandwich per tray. Chicken, Beef, Tandoori, Tex-Mex, Falafel, or Hummus

Individual Lunch Boxes $9/Box

Each box includes 1 sandwich, 1 bag of chips & 1 baklava. Choose from Chicken, Beef, America style,Tandoori, Tex-Mex, Falafel, or Hummus. May order multiple boxes.

Gourmet Pastries $25

A Tray of 12 gourmet pastries of either Cheese, Spinach, Zaatar (Thyme), or Beef. May order multiple trays

Assorted Mezza Tray $20

Each tray comes with 6 appetizers. Grape leaves, Falafel Bites, Tabbouleh, Mediterranean Salad, Hummus & assorted pickles. May order multiple trays.

Party Platter and sides $75 (Orig. $90)

A tray of 10 cut up wraps of your choice (about 50 pieces) plus 5 sides of choice (8 oz each)

Rice Bowl catering $55 (Orig. $65)

A tray of steamed rice topped with your choice of protein (Chicken Shawarma, Beef Shawarma, or Falafel), and your choice of salad (Mediterranean or Taziki), and dressed with your choice of sauce (Garlic, Tahini, Tandoori or Tex-Mex). Feeds 6-8 people

Baklava Gift Box $19.99

12 pieces of assorted baklava (walnut, pistachio, hazelnut chocolate, and sweet cream) in an elegant gift box.