Offering You Flavorful Shawarma and Mediterranean Food

With more than three years in business, Shawarma Press in Irving, TX is the go-to place for authentic shawarma and Mediterranean food. We serve wraps, appetizers, salads, hot and cold drinks, home-baked pastries, and desserts made with only the freshest ingredients.

What We Offer

With our excellent menu and food selections, you can surely enjoy a fresh twist on Mediterranean cuisine. We take pride in being the first food establishment to introduce shawarma in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex. As the pioneer in offering Mediterranean food to our customers, we always strive to stay true to the cuisine’s authentic flavors while introducing the local twist to the recipes.


Why Choose Us

If you are craving fresh, healthy, and flavorful Mediterranean food, we are open until late at night to serve you. We also offer superb catering packages for all events and occasions. These packages include Mezza trays, lunch boxes, party platters, and gift boxes.

Our company has also expanded in the mobile food industry, with our food truck ready to offer you the food experience you will never forget.